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🔥🔥BIGASUO ‎Pro302 HD Bluetooth Projector Built in DVD Player

🔥🔥BIGASUO ‎Pro302 HD Bluetooth Projector Built in DVD Player

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notice!! this projector no included projector screen seen 2022/01/01


BIGASUO Pro302, the FIRST exclusive patented design projector built-in DVD player!

What made us create this kind of design inspiration?

BIGASUO is a company that attaches great importance to the customer experience, and we are committed to designing professional audio & visual peripheral electronic products. Through lots of market research and customer feedback collected, we found that many consumers have such troubles:


  • When they want to play their favorite discs through the projector, they have to buy an additional DVD player.


In order to solve this problem of consumers, our design department developed Pro302, a product that combines DVD player and projector. It is not only exquisite in appearance, but also simple to operate with high quality. Meanwhile, in order to help our customers save unnecessary costs, our product packaging also covers most of the accessories that may need to be used: such as portable handbags, tripod brackets, HDMI cables, AV cables, VGA cables, etc. With the cost of ONE projector, enjoyed DOUBLE of happiness. Facts have proved that it is a wise decision to develop a product based on the needs of consumers. Once this product is launched, it has been loved by many consumers around the world. It is the product that customers want, while customer's satisfaction is our company's greatest pursuit. It's win-win!

  • More Brilliant Color


Color performance is one of the most important characteristics of home theater projector. Pro302 used 27 image quality optimization techniques, including 16 image quality optimizations and 11 color enhancements. Covering more than 75% of the NTSC color gamut, it makes the picture rich in layers and brings a more eye-catching visual feast.


  • Brighter & Sharper Image


For all projectors, the resolution is particularly important, because it is directly related to the clarity of the picture. The native resolution of Pro302 is 1280*720, and it also supports the playback of high-definition 1080P video. Compared with other 800*480 projectors on the market, it's resolution under the same projection size is increased by 4 times. The self-adaptive HDR adjustment technology that comes with the system makes the picture more delicate and natural, brings an immersive visual impact


  • Higher Contrast Ratio


The contrast ratio of Pro302 is as high as 8000:1, which makes it easy to display bright and vivid colors. The high-resolution is helpful to enhance the color level of the picture, making the bright areas fuller and brighter, and the dark areas more delicate and deep.


  • 6 Layer LCD Lens, longer lamp life


This projector is using high-quality coated lenses, the picture has a high degree of reproduction, a more delicate picture quality, high-temperature resistance, and no deformation due to cold and heat. Meanwhile, the lamp life is 65000 hours which supports to use more than 10 years, no need to worry about the trouble of changing lens!

  • Focus & ±15°, Make the Image More Clear


With manual focus lens and ±15° keystone correction, it can easily to get a square and clear image. Please note, if you changed the projection position, please adjust the focus and keystone again to get the best image.


  • Sleep Timer, Company You to Sleep


This projector with additional Time Sleeper and Auto Sleep function. If you accidentally fall asleep while watching a movie, the projector can also automatically shut down according to the time you set. While saving energy, it can also avoid being awakened by the sound in the movie again after falling asleep. Let you have a good sleepy!


  • Eyes Protection, Friendly to the Child's Vision


Using diffuse reflection imaging principle, non-direct light source. Compared with the radiation damage and myopia crisis caused by mobile phone TV to the eyes, the projector can filter more blue light and cause less irritation to the eyes. While magnifying people, we must also take care of the children's happy childhood.


  • Max 200'' Projection, Zoom(25%-100%)to Get The Best Size


The max projection size of this projector is 200 inches, but the most recommend size is about 100 inches, while the recommend distance is 1.5-2.5 meters. Besides, the ZOOM function (only in DVD mode) can easily change the projection size from 25% to 100%, no need to change the projector position.

Latest Bluetooth 5.0, Take The Cinema Home!

Pro302 projector built-in the newest Bluetooth chip which can connect Bluetooth speaker, headphone, earphone etc. Meanwhile, it also has an audio output interface, which can be easily connected to other types of wired amplifier equipment. Enjoy cinema-like fun at home!


1. Before using Bluetooth function, please read the user manual carefully about the connecting steps.

2. The Bluetooth function only support the connection of Bluetooth audio device like Speaker/ Earphone/ Headphone etc. It's NOT support to connect with smart phones via Bluetooth to realize screen sync.

3. If Bluetooth can't connect is not quality problem, it depends on many factors like the distance between both device, Bluetooth Version etc.

4. If you feel the sound is not loud enough, please try to change the sound mode, like movie mode, music mode, sports mode etc.

Warm Tips:

  • Do not block the ventilation slots while using to prevent damage to the machine due to excessive temperatures.
  • This projector can be used at home or outdoor, but please use it in a dark environment to get a better viewing experience.
  • It's mainly designed for home theater, not recommended for PPT, Word, Excel, or business presentations.
  • The package not includes the battery for the remote control, please prepare 2 AAA batteries yourself!
  • Before using the DVD function, please remember to take the little card out.
  • For most home projectors, it's normal that the edges of the image are not as clear as the center. If the image is fuzzy, please adjust the focus, keystone and the projection distance to get the clearest image.
  • Due to copyright protection, it not support to directly play Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. If you want to play these kinds of videos, please prepare a fire Sticks, laptops, or PC to play.
  • If you do not hear sound during playing video like Netflix, please disable Dolby Sound (Settings> Display and Sound> Audio> Dolby Digital Out>, and then turn on Dolby Digital Plus).
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